4 Scott in Pakistanin–fusion is all about Jesus and helping to bring his life-giving message of hope to a world that is hurting and often hopeless. The word “infusion” means the pouring in of something that gives new life or significance and “fusion” means the merging of diversified elements into a unified whole to release enormous quantities of energy. And that’s what in-fusion seeks to do: bring new life and significance and release enormous quantities of energy.

In today’s world many people often want to get involved in helping others but don’t know where to start. Many of those who are already involved in serving often need someone to provide helpful resources and expertise that they don’t have in order to look at things in a new way, implement new practices and get better results.

in–fusion brings a creative mix of strong communication skills, new and innovative ways of thinking and a wealth of experience to the table. We also provide the ability to make things understandable and easy to implement, facilitation skills that get others involved, and the know how to lead and influence people. in-fusion works hard to help you learn, grow and develop so that you reach your highest potential and fulfill the dreams God has for you.

in–fusion‘s impact is worldwide! Hundreds of people all over the world have been impacted by in-fusion and they in turn are impacting hundreds and thousands of others. We lead by example and serve as a catalyst to help you get things done. We are well aware that any good that happens through us is because of God’s ability to “draw a straight line with a crooked stick.” We operate in dependence on Him and in partnership with all who join with us.

By focusing on loving, respecting and serving all people in Jesus’ name, in–fusion is able to partner with all people in an empathetic way to help them reach their highest potential and fulfill all the dreams God has for them. Our philosophy is based on helping people to become BRAVE through a simple yet powerful set of principles:

Believe the truth * Reject all lies * Act in spite of fear * Visualize God’s plan * Expect it to happen

You can be BRAVE! And in-fusion wants to help you make it happen…


in–fusion is about loving, respecting and serving all people in Jesus’ name and seeking out and participating in opportunities to help and serve the distressed and afflicted.

in–fusion operates from a paradigm where we believe everyone can be completely forgiven, totally accepted and deeply loved in Jesus.

Like Teddy Roosevelt once said, we want to do “the most good, for the most people, for the longest time.”

By focusing on loving, respecting and serving all people in Jesus’ name, in-fusion is able to partner with everyone in an empathetic way to help them reach their highest potential and fulfill all the dreams God has for them. Our philosophy is based on helping people to become BRAVE through a simple yet powerful set of principles:

Believe the truth

Jesus said he is the way, the truth and the life. We believe that God, through Jesus, is the source of all truth and that he wants us to respond in faith and believe the truth he reveals to us.

Reject all lies

Lies are often what keep us down and hold us in bondage. We help you identify what lies you believe and teach you how to reject them. While doing this we also help you find the truth and live in it and live it out.

Act in spite of fear

Jesus doesn’t just want us to know the right information. He wants us to act on it in faith and as we do that it will result in overcoming the fears that are standing in our way.

Visualize God’s plan

As we seek God we believe he will show us what he wants to accomplish for us, in us and through us to help us reach our highest potential and fulfill all the dreams he has for us.

Expect it to happen

As David faced and defeated Goliath, we believe God wants us to expect great things from him and from ourselves as he works in powerful ways to accomplish great things

Mission & Vision

in–fusion Mission

Our mission: To love, respect and serve all people in the name of Jesus and help them reach their highest potential and fulfill all the dreams God has for them.

in–fusion Vision

Our vision: That all people we serve will be beacons of God’s unconditional love, hope and joy by in-fusing the light and life of Jesus into every relationship and situation.



in–fusion is all about service. The eyewitness accounts about Jesus’ life say he came to serve and give his life for others. in–fusion operates with the same philosophy. Recognizing that all we have is a gift from God, we seek to be used effectively and efficiently to serve all people.

in–fusion exists to serve in a variety of ways and areas to make the greatest impact. We seek to motivate, inspire, challenge and encourage all people to reach their highest potential and fulfill all the dreams God has for them. Here are some of the ways we can help you…

Short Term Service Trips

We live in an increasingly chaotic and troubled world. Wars, terror attacks, natural disasters and displaced peoples all seem to be on the uptick. Many people want to get involved personally and help but don’t have opportunities to do so. So for the last 7 years in-fusion has provided opportunities for individuals to join a short term team to go and serve people in Jesus’ name in hard places.

We’ve participated on and led teams go to Pakistan, Lebanon, Haiti, Palestine, Israel, Morocco, Jamaica, Afghanistan, Tunisia, India and Jordan. On each trip we were able to love, learn from and serve the people we were going to help in Jesus’ name. Hundreds have gone so far and have been deeply impacted by their experience as well.

If you’d like to go on an upcoming short term service trip contact in-fusion.

Partnership Development Ministry (PDM) - Personal Support Raising

Partnership Development Ministry (PDM) is just a fancy way of saying personal support raising. Currently there are tens of thousands of people serving all over the world who are there because they have raised up a team of financial partners to help make it possible and hundreds more are joining them every year.

What you may not know is that PDM is often the hardest and scariest part of the journey for many of these people. That’s why in-fusion offers PDM Training as well as PDM Consulting, Mentoring and Coaching.

We want to see you joyfully reaching full funding as you love and serve others and energetically overcome challenges, obstacles and fears while you grow in your faith and experience God in new and powerful ways.

Contact in-fusion to see how we can help you or your organization with PDM.

Organizational Development Consultations & Consulting

A lot of non-profit organizations are doing really great work around the world but struggle with how to best get that message out and recruit a team of financial partners to help make it all possible. With over 25 years of experience in the Development field in-fusion offers top notch organizational development consultations as well as ongoing development consulting to help them FIND, WIN, KEEP and LIFT all the partners required to accomplish all that God has called them to do.

You can find out more about these Development Services by contact in-fusion.

Special Projects

Currently in-fusion is partnering with Carl Medearis and Sami Awad in the areas of setting up speaking engagements, communications, development, project management and other special projects.

If you have a special project that you need help with contact in-fusion.


01.2 Testimonials Team in Pakistan“I have known Scott for 10 years and we’ve worked together for 8 of those years. He has served me immensely in the area of fund-raising and overall strategy of ministering to my financial partners as friends in a way that actually encourages them. I can be hard headed at times and resistant to “traditional” thinking about raising support but Scott takes it all in stride. He shares some ideas with me and backs off and then given some time to think about them I often end up doing what he suggested but by then I think it’s my idea. Scott’s also been with me to the Middle East and has even attended the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. with me several times.  He is really great at relating to all different kinds of people and he’s a constant supporter of our overall mission to encourage Muslims to follow Jesus.  His insights and coaching have become a vital part of my life and our ministry.”

~Carl Medearis, Author Muslims, Christians & Jesus~


“I’ve known Scott for several years and have seen him interact in a variety of circles. No matter where he is or who he’s with, Scott is the same passionate, encouraging, man of integrity. His eagerness to help others fulfill their dreams and the speed at which he follows through never ceases to amaze me.

Scott can sit down with anyone and really listen to their situation and quickly layout an actionable plan that they feel excited and encouraged to follow through with.”

~Carissa P~



“I needed a friend in my corner so I didn’t have to go it alone and with Scott I knew I had that.”

~Nathan L, TOAG~



“Scott was well organized and provided ample motivation and direction for the daily workings of our team, delegating responsibilities and encouraging others to step up in leadership as well. Scott is gifted in helping a team work together and have fun while doing so!”

~Jack and Trish U~



“Scott is an excellent leader and walks the talk.  He has an innate (and God-gifted) ability to read people and quickly assesses their strengths and weaknesses.  He challenges participants to push themselves out of their comfort zone and stretch their faith through encouragement and loving conviction.  He creates an environment that will give each participant the opportunity to increase their spiritual growth far beyond their expectations.  He does not hold your hand but he grabs your heart.”

~Doug M~



“If you are heading overseas long-term, we highly recommend hiring a partnership development coach, like Scott Gore. He customizes his advice in a just-in-time approach, to give you just what you need to know, right when you need to know it. You’ll save yourself months of making common mistakes and feeling frustrated with slow, confusing results because his advice is tested, given in a spirit of constructive encouragement and it works! We are both previously successful business people and we knew it would be smarter to pay a little bit to get coaching from someone who knew what they were doing, so we could get a great return on investment. We are almost completely funded and are on track to be over the 110% goal we had set by the time we leave, by God’s favor we will.

We started doing dinners based on the principles in the book Funding Your Ministry, which was excellent, and then, working with Scott, we raised a monthly salary of $6000/month, as well as $10,000 in one-time costs (which we never asked for), recruiting 39 individuals and families and two churches onto our sending team, in four months of sixty dinners, coffees and hundreds of phone calls and e-mails!  Actually, our teammates also hired Scott, and our two families, with God’s blessing, raised $12,000/month total in four months of fund-raising. Hire Scott”

~Paul & Jeanne Z~



“Scott Gore has helped so many people step outside their comfort zone, taking them to a place where they can get a new perspective on life.”

~Hythem B~




“Scott is the kind of leader you want to lead an intense trip to a hurting people. He is well organized and thorough, but more importantly he cares about the people he is leading and the people he is loving and serving. He is a bridge builder and is a good role model for learning how to love the one in front of you.”

~Steve F~



“From my first conversation with Scott Gore, on the phone, having never met him, he immediately put me at ease and helped me to feel confident in taking a trip like this. Having flown by myself, and meeting up with the other trip members in Amman, he once again made me feel like I made the right decision to come. The entire trip was led well, but with a flexibility and humor that I found to be important for a trip like this. He listened for our input and made changes to things as fit the group’s needs. He made sure that we all felt (and were) safe and if one of us became sick, he made sure we were taken care of. He allowed us the right amount of freedom and was willing to let us take the lead with outreach or home visits or team meals or meetings.”

~Amanda C~



“I would recommend Scott’s PDM (Partnership Development Ministry) consulting, mentoring and coaching to anyone.  If any of my friends are looking to start out for the first time or bolster existing support, Scott does well adjusting to where you are at and working with you from there. He is very personal and also professional too.  I had been on support for four years and was never fully funded. Then I got married and was really intimidated about how I was going to do PDM with my wife.  My wife had never done it before, and I had done it before but not great.  Scott not only consulted, mentored and coached us all the way to 110% but he made us laugh and dried our tears along the way too.  Scott really helped my wife and me to be able to both work well together on PDM and lean on each other’s skills. Hiring him was the best thing I did for my marriage during our field prep time. It saved my wife and me from so much tension, stress and frustration.

You can pay big bucks to go to a fire hose five day conference or you can use that money to pay for 5 or 6 months of personal, weekly, professional coaching that is just for you. DO THE MATH! I don’t really think it is a hard decision. My wife and I write this recommendation from the field as we’re here now thanks to all of Scott’s powerful, insightful and beneficial help.”

~Steve & Andrea B~

Get in-volved

Your in–volvement makes things happen…

01.3 Get in-volved World Map with peoplein–fusion is all about helping to change the world, which means we have God-sized aspirations. We also know that it is going to take a lot of people partnering with us to
make it happen. That means you can play a big role! If you want to stand with us as a financial partner you can give on-line at https://allegrosolutions.org/donate/InfusionCSSLG

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An administrative and program infrastructure for social entrepreneurs
intent on solving global problems and cultivating programs together with Allegro.

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Thanks so much for your partnership! You are helping to make it possible for us to love, respect and serve all people in the name of Jesus and help them reach their highest potential and fulfill all the dreams God has for them.

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